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BDSMFF is a community of people from an academic background (mainly students of the faculty of mathematics and physics - MFF for short) with a passion for practicing knot theory.

  • The association is a group of mostly MFF students (but not exclusively), it was created on their initiative, but the faculty does not run it.

  • The faculty does not provide any financial support to the association and its operation is not financed by faculty funds.



The community was first created as a room in the Anarchy section of the unofficial MFF Discord server, where BDSM enthusiasts discussed kinks and sexual preferences. Later, due to the nature of the topics discussed and need for greater security of the participants, the separate BDSMFF server was created, to which only a moderated admission process takes place.

However, potential candidates for admission to the community can still ask questions about membership and the like in this very room, which, however, has been moved to the NSFW section of the MFF server. The room also serves as the fastest form of contact for the association's management.

Server character

The main goal of the community is to share information and experiences about all aspects of BDSM, not just tying up, which some people still believe is the entirety of practicing BDSM. The server tries to encourage friendly and sharing, open behavior with the community moderated discussion, which can concern any sensitive or intimate topic in a safe environment, in order to enrich everyone present.

One of the indisputable benefits of the community of BDSM-positive people from the academic environment is the emphasis on information. We are of the opinion that if someone is a supporter of any kink, they will practice it even without our existence - But we provide an environment in which anyone can learn enough information to be able to practice their hobbies as informed and safe as possible.

How to get into the community

As of writing this, community has no real capacity for non-Czech speaking students joining due to all of management and members are Czech-speaking. However, if there would be interest from some non-Czech speaking students, we are not against them joining given all the conditions are met. If you are English speaking student of MFF, please contact us in the Discord room or in PM, and we'll take your admission in manually.